Our Winemakers

Our Winemakers

Vision, soul and professionalism, are the leading motifs of the wine team of Mony Winery.

The creation of a variety of quality wines is the result of professional guidance and instructions from the planting of the vineyards and throughout all stages of cultivation to the vintage.

Chief Winemaker: Sasson Ben Aharon


Agronomist, who has a master’s degree in wine from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University, after 6 years of work at the Israel Wine Institute in the field of research in the vine and wine industry, Sasson joined the wine industry. Sasson has rich experience, close to 25 years of vintage.
Sasson, also serves as a judge in international wine competitions and a consultant with experience in the wine industry.

ששון בן אהרון - ינן ביקב מוני

Winemaker: Shakib Artoul


Shakib, a third generation of the winery’s founders, holds a degree in wine and vineyards from the University of Bordeaux in France.
Joined the winery in 2016 as a winemaker and serves as the right hand of the chief winemaker in the care of vineyards and wine production.


שכיב ערטול - ינן ביקב מוני