The vineyards

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Our vineyards

Mony Winery is by definition, an ESTATE WINERY, which means a winery that produces wine from grapes grown in vineyards that it owns. the Ertol family currently has about 1000 dunams of vineyard, where grapes from a variety of different varietals are grown.

The vineyards are planted on slopes which are above the Whistling Valley in a large number of plots, that is due to the desire to achieve optimal utilization of the terrain conditions, soils, and wind direction in the place.
The type of soil in the vineyards is terra rosa – soil with good stone content and rich in minerals, which allow good ventilation of the vine’s root house and proper growing conditions.

The vineyards grow over 20 different varietals, including standard varieties such as: Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, as well as a variety of relatively new varietals in the Israeli wine industry, such as: Marcelan, Rosen, Caldock and Alicante Bouche.

The vineyards are cultivated with great care, through control of the irrigation regime, control of pruning processes and treatments throughout the growing season of the vine. A little over a third of the grapes come to the winery and the rest are sold to other wineries, this allows the winery to have full control over the quality of the grapes and the choice of plots from which grapes will be used at Mony winery to produce the best of quality wine.