Vistor Center


The visitor center of mony winery 


The Moni Winery Visitor Center is located next to the winery which offers a visit to the center and the cellar of the winery.

The winery has a terrace with a view of the vineyards from the most beautiful terrace in the country to combine an unforgettable experience with the wine

The visit is based on available space, The winery’s visitor center is open Sunday-Saturday from 17: 00-09: 00

Visits on weekends are subject to availability

Also available in the winery  cheeses from boutique dairies, spreads, crackers, barley and related products.

To coordinate group visits and events, contact us by phone:

Tel: 02-9916629

Fax: 02-9910366

Email: [email protected]

To view the map and plan an arrival route using Google Maps

Waze: Moni Winery

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