About Mony Winery


On the slopes of the Judean Mountains, on the land of Mitzpe Emek Sorek, under the mantle of a wonderful terroir, lies Mony Winery.The winery was founded by Shakib Artoul, the father of the family and an olive merchant, who came to the magical area of the Sorek Valley from the village of Maghar in the Lower Galilee.

 The olive merchant fell in love with the lush green slopes of the Sorek Valley, and decided to lease agricultural land and plant vines. Why vines?

 Because of the unique trout of the hills above the Whistling Valley. Shakib Artoul already recognized at that time the potential of the quality of the grapes that the vineyards would yield, and for over two decades it has been clear to everyone how right he was. Today, about 1,000 dunams of vines are planted in the hills around the winery, yielding grapes of wonderful quality.

The uniqueness of Mony Winery is reflected in the combination of fine vineyards with a wide variety of grape varietals grown at the foot of the Sorek Valley, with unique people who produce it, and with the unique location of the place.